Let’s Throw Some Paint

I’ve recently gotten into personalizing my clothes. Cutting, ripping, embroidering, painting, etc. Nothing is off limits.

Originally, this pair of jeans was going to be covered in detailed painted flowers. The first white layer of paint splats was to set up a little chaos for the prim and proper carnations. But then I forwent the intricate route and took to the outdoors where a few splashes of paint on the ground wouldn’t bother much of anyone.

What You’ll Need:

  • denim (This is a pair Levi’s that I bought for $3 from a thrift shop.)
  • towel
  • acrylic paint of assorted colors (I used acrylic because it’s thick enough to create decent markings on the denim but also easy to flick from a paint brush.)
  • paint brush(es) (There’s really no need to be specific with your paint brushes. As long as it has functional bristles and can get the job done you’ll be fine.)


So I started by laying my denim out on the ground underneath a towel but then realized that I’m too tall for that. I then found a handy plant hanger that had been standing right at the edge of our tree line and used that to hold the pants up.


As for the best way to do this, just get huge globs of paint and flick your hand towards the pants in different directions. My greatest advice would be to avoid (as best you can) splattering paint in the crotch area.


When you feel as though you’re done with one color, use a clean brush to continue on to the others.


I also painted some of the belt loops and the edge of pockets.



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