Carmalized Apple Coconut Pancakes

It’s fall and while pumpkins are all dandy and good, I’m partial to apples. I’m also partial to butter.

What You’ll Need:

1) Apples. I’m sure a real baker/chef would recommend a specific type of apple for caramelizing but alas, you just have me and I think Fuji apples are pretty great for this.

2) Butter. I used a mix of real butter and Smart Balance although neither are all that good for you. Live a little, throw a whole lot of that stuff in there.

3) Cinnamon. You can also add nutmeg.

4) Sugar. I used coconut sugar mostly because I don’t own normal sugar.

5) Coconut pancake mix. It’s a Trader Joe’s thing. Trust me.

Put on your aprons, pals.

Step 1. Cut your apples. Dice them. Chop them. Cut ’em up.

img_4121 img_4124

Step 2. Add butter to a pan and let it melt. Then add cinnamon. Lot’s of cinnamon.

img_4120 img_4122

Add however much butter you think you need depending on how the amount of apples you’re going to cook.

Step 3. Mix apples and butter/cinnamon mixture. Let simmer for 10 minutes on medium heat, or until soft.

img_4125 img_4126

Step 4. Make the pancake batter. Slap some batter on a heated pan and cook them based on the box directions.


Step 5. Assemble your pancake plate.

img_4132The pictures are icky but the pancakes aren’t.

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