Tales of a Pre-Adult: Final Semester

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it,” Ferris Bueller once said. I try to tell myself that to rationalize me not having posted anything about this series in months. I looked around and it was great but now I’m back with my brother to feel out his mindset in his last semester of college.
Okay first of all: Happy Birthday. This is your last birthday to be celebrated in college. Any special plans?

No specific special plans. I’m just going to have a great time with friends and my girlfriend made some plans for us.

tyler 1

100 days until graduation (which I only know because SGA is having a get together at Backcountry, a local establishment, tonight in celebration.) What about Harrisonburg itself will you miss the most?

I’ll definitely miss the little town feel.

What seems to be the most promising class of this semester so far?

Probably Italian 101. I’m having a great time learning it and its a very fun class.

How does it feel to be done with your major classes? 

It feels awesome to be done with my major. I can relax and focus more on looking for jobs.

tyler 2

May 6th. One word to describe it. 


Best advice for a college sophomore on how to make the most of their next two years? 

Do the best you can in school and experience everything you can. Try a bunch of new things and see if you like them.

Best tip you would give someone on how to deal with Harrisonburg winters? 

Bring lots of coats. It gets unbearably cold here.

Favorite place to be this week? 

With friends and my girlfriend celebrating my birthday.

tyler 7

Last song you listened to?
I Like Tuh by Carnage feat. ILoveMakonnen.
Last food you cooked for yourself?


Most standout memory from last semester. 

By far, College Gameday coming to JMU. I’m a big college football fan and that was an awesome experience sleeping outside for it and being at the live show.

tyler 6tyler 4

tyler 5

Also, how do you feel you’ve grown since you graduated high school at 18 to now as a 22-year-old almost college grad?

I’m become a lot more mature through experiences and believe I’ve grown a ton as a person.

There you have it. Tales of a Pre-Adult as told by a pre-adult nearing the finish line.

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