Quick Chicken Fajitas

This isn’t restaurant quality but it’s as good as you can expect from someone without anything but white in their background.

What You’ll Need:

1. Chicken. Or steak. Pork. Some other, more obscure, meat.

2. An onion. 

3. A pepper.

4. Salsa.

5. Avocado or guacamole. 

6. Oil. I use olive oil.

7. Tortillas. 

8. Fajita seasoning. I didn’t use this when I made these because I didn’t even think, “hey…maybe this needs some sort of seasoning so it actually tastes like what it’s supposed to.” But, I used chipotle something or other on the chicken so that counts, right?

Alrighty, here we go.

Step 1. Season that chicken and put it in a pan with oil to cook.


Step 2. Chop up your pepper. Throw it in another pan.


Step 3. Chop up your onion. Have it make friends with the pepper in the pan.


Step 4. Make sure the chicken is fully cooked, then take it out and cut it.

Step 5. Put the peppers, onions and chicken in one pan. I cover it with a lid on low for a few minutes right before I turn off the heat. Not sure why, but I think it makes it taste better.


Step 6. Put the tortillas in a pan to heat up or place them in the microwave until warm. Then, dress up your food as prettily or as savagely, like mine, as you wish.


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