Overall, It’s About the Overalls

November isn’t for sandals. It’s supposed to be the pre-game for December but somehow it’s morphed into a back and forth game for Mother Nature and how she wants the weather to go. One day it’s so hot I have to dig up a pair of shorts that haven’t seen the light in weeks and another, I’m bundled up tight in my heaviest winter coat.

Dressing for these times is rough but I remedy it by wearing turtlenecks and…open toed shoes.

For me, I find that layering is the only answer to my problems. It allows for cozy, put together looks that can easily be shaken in favor of something less dense. Never be afraid to mix casual pieces, such as the all-purpose overalls, with a refined top (I consider turtlenecks as refined as a college wardrobe piece can get). Overalls are in and no one will ever be able to take these away from me. My baby GAP pair may be lost to time but these ones aren’t going anywhere.

The turtleneck/bandana combo adds a high fashion vibe to an otherwise daily look. I find that pairing long sweaters with overalls can elongate your legs because sometimes overalls can have the opposite effect. In my looks I try to bring out colors or textures by use of another piece and the white in the bandana is balanced well with the textured white sandals which, with it’s lace, actually mimics the print on the bandana. The key to a wicked cool outfit is by putting things together that aesthetically please your eyes. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks looks right. Fashion is about the innovativeness of it’s proponents and while I won’t judge anyone based on their clothes I seriously recommend a pair of overalls. Seriously.









Overalls, Shoes & Bandana//American Eagle Outfitters

Sweater& Turtlneck//Marshall’s

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