Kinda Fried Rice

It’s hard out here for a college kid.

What You’ll Need:

1. Rice. I used the easy, ready-to-boil rice because rice cookers are too much of a luxury.

2. Veggies. Zucchini, raw green beans and a red pepper.

3. Chicken. Throw some protein in there.

4. Three eggs. Throw some more protein in there.

5. Soy sauce. If you have yum-yum sauce then toss that in there as well.

Here goes nothing.

Step 1: Chop up your veggies to whatever the desired size is. I like mine tiny and itty so they cook quicker and, let me be honest, don’t take away from the chicken and egg too much. Also, the chicken was precooked from a previous day so be sure you cook that at some point. 

Step 2: Cook your rice on the stove or microwave. Make sure it doesn’t spill over onto the stove top like I did. It dries like cement, very impossible to clean up with anything less than fervent scrubbing. DSC_0430


Step 3: Cook the goods. Check the veggie tenderness to see if it’s hard/soft enough for your fancy.



Step 4: Scramble those eggs up then add them to the rest of the dish. Now, mix them all up on low heat and add more soy sauce to taste. This is really easy with a wok or another shallow pan but being in the situation I’m in I did this all in a giant saucepan. Like the kind you make soup in. Needless to say it totally met my expectations of being obscenely difficult.



Step 5: Admire what you made. Then proceed to eat it. Eat it all.

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