Bubble Goes Pop

Denim jackets automatically make the wearer look cooler. It’s a simple fact proven time and time again in cinema and everyday life. This outfit is an attempt at putting together some of the most popular pieces of today that exude coolness.

The bandana as a more high fashion neck accessory has come about in recent seasons and I’ve just now jumped on board with the trend. It’s a different look than what a necklace can provide and for that I love it. You can go sans necklace like I’ve done in the past or add a necklace to accessorize more if your other extra pieces are minimal.

Then there’s ripped jeans but not just ripped jeans: ripped, black jeans. Total suburban bad girl.

Finally, the lip. Usually I go for darker lipsticks but due to the slight pink in the bandana I thought why not look like I have two colors of bubblegum on my lips. And boy, do I look great.



Bandana//American Eagle Outfitters

Denim Jacket//American Eagle Outfitters

Jeans//American Eagle Outfitters

Boots//TJ Maxx


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