Athletic Labor

Labor Day has come and gone and I’m still here wearing white. Fortunately I haven’t been visited by any faction of the fashion police, ready to scorn me for my supposed crimes against longstanding fashion rules. Personally, this idea that Labor Day marks the end of white as an appropriate color choice is void. The color is crisp and matches everything. The most important part, in special consideration of this outfit, is that white offers refinement to the ever popular athletic look.

I want comfort without ever sacrificing the overarching coolness of an outfit that makes me both feel good and look good. Athletic-wear inspired looks are perfect for this goal and can vary in their dedication. Some people throw on joggers or hoodies and other times a simple piece or two can really tie an entire outfit message together without being obvious or misconstrued. I don’t want to look like I’ve just come from the gym but in order to manifest this goal, of athletic-wear bliss, I kept my sporty pieces to a minimum.

The adidas shoes have become a staple to me for both their pure white color and also for the comfort and ease that they provide as footwear. My hat, likely supposed to be used for tennis but has never seen a court, adds the extra sport sensibility I need. Now, the overalls. Overalls were destined for labor be that farming, errands or otherwise. By wearing these, made rugged with its tears, I’ve helped blend the more polished aspects of this look with the sportiness.










Green Crop Top//Aeropostale

Overalls//American Eagle Outfitters

White Button-Down//Hollister


Bag//A friends

2 thoughts on “Athletic Labor

  1. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m really enjoying it! I’m not exactly a fashionista but I do try to look nice, even on a college budget.

    Such an interesting blog that hits on a ton of aspects. I’ll definitely be keeping up with this! I also have a college blog and I hope you can check it out sometime.

    You look great and keep blogging!


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