Getting Sick: College Part 2

If yours is anything like mine, then your body doesn’t much like other people. I mean this in the least personally offensive way. Essentially, new people, new places, newness in general, my body rejects by making me sick. Literally sick. Actually laying in my bed wishing I was pure and clean and healthy again.

So, this is the second week of classes and I’m already that annoying person who tries to swallow their coughs only to have those swallowed coughs come back up and turn into a fit that is both loud and ugly. How did this happen Hayley? How did you, a healthy lady with a nutritious diet and great exercise routines turn to a tissue ridden mess? I’ll tell you how: dorms.

Dorms you say? Well what ever do you mean by that? Communal living has been tied to the spread of illness since practically the beginning of time. When people are living in a confined space, with a great deal of bodies and usually a lack of air filtration, sickness spreads like wildfire. I’m not talking major diseases in this case, thank goodness, but really just the spread of colds, flus, etc. Add this to my body’s inability to cope with environmental changes and you have a recipe for post nasal drip. Woo! This go around I’m more prepared than I was last year when I got sick at least ten times during the school year. So despite my anger that I’m sick at the beginning, I am pleased that it seems to be fixing itself already.

Now, let me give you some tips and tricks so you don’t end up like me, sad and snarfly in SCOM.

To start, don’t stay up too late. 

You have bags under your eyes and I know your eyes aren’t glazed over with admiration for the lecture, they’re glazed over with all the sleep you aren’t getting. So try to get eight hours. Seriously it’s not crazy difficult if you plan your day out.

Keep your immune system happy. 

Have some Vitamin C here and there. Take one of those medicines that people take before getting on airplanes. Eat well.

Don’t wear yourself too thin.

Your body doesn’t like that. So when you do too much for too long your body gets sad and its sadness is sickness and you’ve got to deal with it. Pace yourself, you’ll find time for it all, probably.


Disinfect. Spray everything down. Dust. Change your sheets and pillow cases and bathroom towels every week. It’ll change your life.

If you do get sick, sorry. Preventative measures don’t always work and if that’s the case then you can still do certain things to aid the process of healing.

Stay hydrated.

Your mom was right and don’t you forget it.

If you think you’re well enough to get back to your regular routine, you’re wrong. 

This is such a big problem, especially when you’re in college. You wake up a few days after initially getting sick and you think “heck yes, I am healed.” You aren’t so don’t try going to the gym or running around to all your meetings and such. Take care of yourself because you are of no help to anyone if you’re all ill and possibly contagious.

Sometimes these things are unavoidable and they’re really bad when you’re far away from your parents. Being sick is no fun but having a cold is your body fighting off some stuff so essentially your body is doing some cool stuff, thats the bright side.

And to anyone that comes near me:

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