DIY: 3D Floral Canvas

I like to think I’m crafty (sort of) and I like sharing that craftiness in the form of gifts for my friends. Decorating is something I love to do, likely inherited from my mother, and since I’m in college I thought hey, why not make my friend a canvas. So, I did. This is that process.


Every artist needs their tools. These were mine.

What You’ll Need:

1) A canvas. Any size will do and this one was 11 x14 bought at Michael’s.

2) Flowers or any other 3D piece you may desire. I think that an amazing way to catch the eye is with textures. What better way to get massive, distracting texture than with in-your-face flowers?

3) Paints. These colors, and that of the flowers, were determined based on my friends bedspread.

4) A paint tray. Or Tupperware. A cup? Nothing your mom actually cares about.

5) Sponges. Used for the textured pattern we’ll be splashing onto the canvas. Paint brushes are an obvious alternative but I didn’t have any so I opted for sponges I found in my craft bin from the year 2005.

6) Scissors (not pictured). Or, if you find it impossible to cut through wire with scissors, find some wire cutters.

7) Super glue. Something very, very strong because canvas material is thick, but not thick enough to hold up all those flowers all on its lonesome.


8) Something to draw with. I decided at the last minute to write words on this canvas. Using a Sharpie I traced the words and then filled in any light spots with paint. It looks sloppy but this is a gift made with love and also it’s a gift. No one gets to judge gifts. No one. No. Just don’t. Look at me. Right here. Just don’t.

Okay, let us begin.


Ignore the ridiculously dramatic lighting. This isn’t a masterpiece of art that begs the question, “well what is art, really?” This is baby poo compared to what we’re going to end up with.

So, set out your canvas.


Cut the stems of the flowers so that they’re easy enough to work with.


Separate flowers and leaves. It’s very beneficial to detach the two so that you can pick and choose where you want leaves and how many you want.DSC_0425

DSC_0429Get your paints out and ready. I mixed some colors with white to lighten them and then mixed them with a toothpick. Really, it was more of an arduous process than I originally thought. Toothpicks are just much too tiny to do anything other than remove things from teeth.

Okay. Let’s do this. Totally setting out to do great things. 1, 2, 3, GO.

DSC_0442The bottom left was the gold/white paint mix and the top right was done with the pure gold paint. To get this effect all you’ve got to do is dampen the sponge a teeny bit and then plop the sponge, with a light amount of paint, onto the canvas. Splotch it, drag it, glide it. Do whatever you want.




Keep adding paint. Go on then, get obnoxious with it.


To attach the flowers just poke a hole through the canvas, shove the flower stem on through. Cut any excess. Glue it with super glue. Let it sit face down so gravity helps keep the flower in place.

This is a Dr. Suess quote. Kinda. The original is Oh, The Places You’ll Go! but I changed it. I’m sorry Dr. Suess. Forgive me.


I painted the teeny tips of the petals with different colors to play off the colors on the canvas itself.

There you have it. #Art. A gift for a friend, family member or for yourself for being great at whatever it is you’re great at. The most important thing to remember is that having a set plan, with an art project like this, is a tad overrated. Just throw stuff together and hope your instincts lead you in the right direction.


This is also kind of a messy ordeal. I got glue stuck to my hand. Then it went onto my sweatpants then somehow made it onto my bare leg and also a bit on my arm. My hands were covered in paint and maybe there was some on my face? So be cautious not to do it anywhere that you could potentially ruin something precious or nice.

Now go forth and create.

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