Music Monday: One Direction, On The Road Again Tour 2015

Saturday I went to my fifth One Direction show. Four years as a fan and the pants are now questionably tight, the hair is longer (Harry) and the accents are still as alluring as the first time I heard them. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, One Direction. Except, and let me delve into my inner fan lady for a moment, that’s not all. I think that anyone with a basic knowledge of pop culture can understand the major impact the five guys of One Direction (I say five in this case because Zayn did contribute massively to the success of the band and he should be given that credit) have had on the music industry and the way in which young people decorate their rooms. I’m talking about posters here. So many that your brother takes a picture and posts it on the Internet but that’s beside the point. Long story short I love One Direction, but not just because they’ve got shiny eyes that hold within them all the hopes of teen adventures and certainly not because they’ve got a penchant for charming the pants off of people. No, I like One Direction for, dare I say it, their music.

Come on guys don’t act like this hasn’t been something you’ve rolled your eyes at before. You like them for their music? Yeah, okay sure as you drool over Harry Styles. I’m sure it’s all about the music. I mean, what’s the point in listening to an artist on your phone, YouTube, any music sharing website, etc. when you can’t even see them? So yes, I think the fact that genetically blessed individuals, as One Direction happen to be, are a great addition to top off the cake. But as if I would spend my money on music that I didn’t like just because I thought a boy was cute. That’s silly and it invalidates millions of people’s interests and boils it down to some stereotype of brainwashed teenage girls fawning over boys who will never know them. One Direction earned their fans and their success and their huge tours. They also, in theory, should be earning a grand level of respect for their accomplishments globally and within their own home countries, except they don’t always get that respect. To read a very well put and eloquent bit on this idea you can click here. If that line of thought no longer suits your fancy then continue on because I have videos. Lots and lots of videos.

I suppose I should start off with the tour in general. On The Road Again 2015. Now that thats settled, lets move onto the openers: Icona Pop.

I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t too excited for this but they slapped me in the face with their cheeky grins and artistic presence and truthfully I fell in love. You think you don’t know their songs besides I Love It but let me tell you. I recognized every song they sang and somehow felt very alright with not knowing all the lyrics. I didn’t feel like a noob or a poser. I felt a part of their fun girl party. Now here is a video compilation of Snapchats. They’re only six seconds each. Sorry, I had to save storage. Sacrifice and all that.




I may, or may not, have screamed ‘oh my god’ when Harry began singing. I also may, or may not, have recorded Harry almost exclusively. This just stems from a long running crush that I can’t seem to squash no matter how hard I try.

By the way, as I rewatch all of these videos I am laughing hysterically at my lack of chill as heard in the background of some of these videos.

Stop the presses, the tupperware was microwavable.

And for this next video, take special care to note what begins at 2:35. “Put your hands up, two fingers out. Peace in Baltimore. I love it.” Here is his Instagram post as well. He had an opportunity to spread kindness, hope and understanding and he took it. Good on him.

If you watched even a second of those videos then you can see why they have the fans that they do. They can’t dance and some have a fetish for tossing water over one another, and fans, but they’re performers. Cheeky, UK performers who have dominated the charts and taken over the world with tunes that grow as they do. Even if they aren’t your cup of tea they’re mine, and considering it’s Monday and my voice is still scratchy I think that counts for something.
Memorable Moments:
  • Harry kicking a lemon. “When life gives you lemons, kick them out of the way.”
  • Louis and Liam water fight #1908463.
  • Niall being Irish. (The video hasn’t got audio, blame my iPhone.) There’s also Harry flailing his arms and Liam and Louis doing Liam and Louis. 

All in all, the tour was fantastic. Fifteen year old me eventually won out over nineteen year old me and so I ended up screaming, fist pumping, flailing and body rolling to the likes of their first, What Makes You Beautiful, and their most recent, Drag Me Down.

On the car ride home my best pal and I may have had a breakdown. Due to One Direction? Due to traffic at two a.m.? Due to lack of sleep? All of the above? That’s concerts for you.

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: One Direction, On The Road Again Tour 2015

  1. Ah, it’s so cool you got to go to their concert! I’ve been to their very first world tour a couple years back and it was so much fun! I really like their new song, Drag Me Down, and it’s so cool you got to see them perform it live so soon after it dropped. How did you like that song?


      1. Nice! Yeah when I heard it I just had to write a review on it! Except it was more of a rave because it’s One Direction so of course I loved it!


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