Tales Of A Pre-Adult

This is my brother, Tyler.IMG_1855

He’s 21, a rising senior in college and what I like to call, a “pre-adult.” A pre-adult is someone who is on the cusp of adulthood where responsibilities begin and your safety net ends. I figured that we could all learn a little something from Tyler as he lives his last year of college before the inevitable beginnings of the rest of his life.

Now, I’m not too optimistic that this series will lead us all to enlightenment nor will it provide a survival guide to the months leading up to graduation. However, what I can say, is that I think this will be an eye opening experience for different reasons. As a kid I always thought that life worked like an always moving conveyor belt. Schooling, graduating, getting a job, getting married, having kids, retiring and then passing away. That really isn’t how it works, though.

This past year I knew of several seniors who graduated and didn’t immediately go into the work force. Some went to internships, some are working summer jobs unsure of their next step. Long story short, my preconceived idea of growing up and becoming an adult isn’t as concrete or scheduled as I once thought. Instead its a journey that has a lot of missteps and failures and, I’m assuming, a great fear of the unknown. Because if you think about it, really think about it, how many of you have thought the same? That we all had to follow along these societally constructed steps until we reached the holy grail of retirement. I’m sure a lot of you have. But with that in mind, I think that for those who don’t know someone older, or if you’re going to be going through this yourself, my brothers journey could be something relatable. Maybe it will also give you some comfort.

Tales Of A Pre-Adult will be a series I will run from now until next summer. That way, I can get the “before senior year”, “during senior year” and “after senior year” feelings, worries, nerves and excitement. Even though he’s my brother and we’re close, I don’t think I would know the answers to the questions I’ll be asking if I wasn’t doing this series. That’s why I’m doing this. Asking always produces more understanding than assuming does and even though I’m a rising sophomore in college and have years before graduating, getting a little advice from my older brother has never steered me wrong before. For the most part at least.

Just a disclaimer, I have no idea what being an adult actually means. Because being an adult (defined by age) and acting like an adult (????) are two totally separate things. For my purposes, I’m only using the term “pre-adult” as a sub-in because what Tyler is really doing is more like a long list of adjectives, verbs and nouns that wouldn’t even be able to form a coherent sentence (i.e. leaving the nest, learning to cook for himself, laundry, jobs, taking his last few classes, “I don’t want to leave college”, real world…?).

Graduating is a scary thing but with that impending milestone in mind, I think that following Tyler through his last year of college will be something to remember. Be on the lookout for the next installment of Tales Of A Pre-Adult.

In the event that anyone wants to see a more day to day look at Tyler’s journey, I’ve listed his links below.


2 thoughts on “Tales Of A Pre-Adult

  1. This is such a great idea, Hayley! I was so sure of my “plan” when I started college. I thought I knew all of the answers, but with graduation just a year away (same as your brother), I’m realizing that I never even asked myself the questions. Who do I want to be? What type of work do I truly enjoy? Where do I want to live? Are these even the right questions to ask?

    I have no idea what my “plan” is anymore, but I do know that college is an amazing time to discover yourself. So, enjoy your next three years at JMU! Do things you love and spend time with people you love. I know you won’t believe me until you’re a rising senior, but the years seriously fly by.

    Can’t wait to see where this series goes!

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