Fourth Folly

Everyone loves a good Fourth of July look. For those who opt for the more subtle art of patriotism, because it is absolutely an art, this is for you. If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum then I would very much recommend any clothes that have an American flag, eagle, former or current U.S. president or depiction of a barbecue on them. But like I said, this look is red, white and blue, yet also perfectly acceptable to wear anytime after this festive holiday has passed.





There’s a very simple formula to getting a casual cool look liker his. Denim is your friend, especially on a holiday like the Fourth of July. So to start, grab a denim piece. Make sure it’s the focal point of your look whether that be a denim shirt, shorts, skirts, etc. Then start piling on white pieces to accent the denim. Meaning if you have on denim bottoms wearing a white top is always a safe bet. To spice up your average white T-shirt, opt instead for a lace or crocheted shirt, something with texture. Finally, add on the red. Red is not always a fan favorite in terms of color for clothing but by using red in the accessories theres not much room for over-powerment. Red lips, red earrings, red shoes, even a red face from being sunburnt will suffice.

Get This Look:

Denim Dress




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