All The Power, None Of The Suit








Red and black is a classic combination. It brings out the essence of power and is a look that commands attention. Lately, I’ve become a bit of a pattern girl. This shirt caught my attention because of not only it’s low front cut and flowy sleeves, but because of it’s open back. I think that during the summer it helps to cool you in the heat but it also shows skin in a more modest way than a whole lot of summer clothes. Besides the tan line that I’m rocking, there’s nothing I love more than an open back. Pair that back to a slim fitting black mini skirt, and this outfit becomes a bit dressier than the every day. Of course switching the skirt for denim shorts would make this look more boho than refined which only speaks true to the versatility of this piece.

For this look, accessories are extremely important. They can’t be too overwhelming but they need to continue the in your face thing we’ve got working. For shoes I wore my lace slide sandals. This trend was birthed last year but I’ve just now been jumping on the bandwagon and I love it. I mean really, who wouldn’t love a shoe that has a hint of refinement but takes .5 seconds to put on. And they’re comfy. Sorcery? No, just smart manufacturing. My clutch is meant to look like a rolled up magazine which is a unique idea that I haven’t really seen many other places. Seriously, when it comes to bags or clutches, bold is a great way to go. Whether it’s a print, color, pattern or texture, changing it up from the average leather is always a good idea. With this magazine print and the busy pattern on my shirt I am like a girlier, slightly less sweaty, Hawaiian shirt wearing dad.

Black and red, in all of their variations, demands attention because they’re two of the most visually striking colors. Seriously, they’re like a neon sign saying “Look At Me!” Put them together and you’ll get the looks and outfit admiration that you desire.

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