Banana Mango Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast, to me, used to consist of cereal. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can inhale some cereal if I’m really feeling it but I seriously just wanted more. I follow a great deal of people on Instagram that are health enthusiasts and take great care of what they put in their bodies. For a while I was really, genuinely unhappy with the way I looked and every single one of those fitness gurus and trainers all said that same thing: you can’t out-exercise what you eat.

It’s been a bit of a journey trying to figure out how exactly I could go about eating healthier (healthy, for me, meaning a lot less processed goodies and a whole lot more fruits and vegetables) but with a little digging I’ve discovered some very basic, no stress ways to get what my body needs in a way that actually tastes good. To eat this way you’ve got to be willing to make a change. No, Krispy Kreme donuts are not off limits because heck, I had two last night. It’s just got to be that you are willing to eat a majority of unprocessed, natural stuff while also allowing room for iced, beautiful blobs of dough.

I’m not trying to convert anyone into doing anything because heck if I care what it is you eat but smoothie bowl is really, really good whether or not you want to change your habits or you just want a fresh and fast take on breakfast.

First of all you will need several things:



1. A blender. Any blender works because this one was $20 and gets the job done with minimal spillage and leakage.

2. Flaxseed. This can be found at any grocery store that leans more to the health side of products. I got this at TJ Maxx because they have a snazzy section for such products. *

3. Frozen Mango Chunks. These fruits that I use can be interchanged for any other kind of fruit. Seriously. Any fruit. Throw it in the blender and blend it up and BOOM. Smoothie.

4. Strawberries. For aesthetics, for flavor, just for fun.

5. Chia Seeds. Again, found at TJ Maxx. *

6. Hemp Seed.  TJ Maxx for the win. *

7. Granola. Any kind suffices. This one just has a whole lot of grains and I think pumpkin seeds. That was quite the surprise when I bit into a chunk of this for the first time.

8. Banana.

9. Blueberries. At the last minute I said, hey, I want more fruit. So I got more.

* All of these are fine to sprinkle onto salads, smoothies, etc but the most nutrition comes from blending them up. That’s what the back of the bags told me and they surely know better than I.

Now onto the process of making said smoothie bowl.

DSC_0330Step 1. Tackle the banana and mango. It’s in the name of the dish so obviously it’s pretty important.


DSC_0340Step 2. Add milk (cow milk, goat milk, nut milk, I’m sure there are a ton of milk types that you can use so just pick one) or water. Milk gives it a creamier consistency which is perfect for the smoothie bowl aspect. If you just want a regular smoothie in a cup then go for a thinner liquid like a juice or, again, water.

DSC_0344Step 3. Add mango. Just throw those chunks all up in there. The more the merrier.

DSC_0347Step 4. Admire what you’ve made. Look at it. So nice and dreamy looking.


Step 5. Grab a bowl. This is a soup bowl but today it’s a smoothie bowl. No one will be able to tell the difference.

DSC_0360Step 6. Add fruit to make your bowl the cutest little bowl you’ve ever seen. Aesthetics are apparently everything these days so shape up your breakfast to put all other breakfasts to shame.



Step 7. Add granola and all the nuts and bolts. Oh, and add more fruit.



Step 8. Take pictures of your meal and post it online so that everyone will be fascinated by your meal even though they have no idea what it is. Find the right lighting. Have your mom tell you how different it looks compared to all other breakfasts. But don’t take too long because this sucker will melt on you faster than you can come up with a creative Instagram caption.

So there you have it. Banana mango smoothie: very refreshing and surprisingly filling. Also, prettier than whoever makes it. That’s why you have great self esteem in case it’s photo gets more likes than your selfie. See? Healthy eating can be fun.

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