Colors Can Be Your Friend

I’ll admit that I very rarely wear color. It isn’t anything in particular that I have against shades lighter than the darkest of night skies, it’s just that I don’t often find myself wearing an outfit that can be deemed as “bright” or “lively.” Sure, I’ll sport a colored shirt or a nice, metallic shoe like I do here, but my closet choices all point to neutrals, especially black and white. Simple, no fuss and everything always matches.

Today though, I was feeling myself.

The sun was shining and although the heat was like an oven punching me in the face, I was just really in the summer mood and summer means color. When I do color, I do it big. Or rather, my version of big. So while I still had my safety blanket of black and white in the form a zebra cross-body bag, I did step out of my comfort zone. The lengthy kimono is such a compilation of patterns and hues that it definitely does account for 90% of the color wheel thus letting me step into the light.

All in all, color is a rather scary, and dare I say daunting endeavor, but it can be worth it to shed some of the black and neutrals for pinks, blues and oranges. And even if you go overboard in your panicky quest for change, who is really going to tell you you’re wearing too much color?

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