Music Monday: Zella Day

If you like music that makes you wish you were more Bohemian (me), has you desiring a good jog in the middle of a field (why not), and or has you wanting to dance all hypnotic like (when do I not) then this lovely lady, Zella Day, is absolutely your gal. Her sound is pretty mellow with great instrumentals that make me want to softly head bang/wave my hair about. She reminds me of Oh Land with the same pop and indie sound which is perfect for laid back occasions and I have been obsessing over Ms. Day for weeks now. Her music isn’t for everyone but if you’ve got a taste for infectious melodies and lyrics that make you want to buy Coachella tickets then her Spotify is a great place to start.

Personally, I can’t choose my favorite from her EP titled with her name. Each has a distinct feeling but all the vibes are rather feel good and are hard not to find catchy.

“Hypnotic”is just that. The title literally says it all and with the ‘snake charming song’ playing as her intro its hard to fall from the trance.

“Sweet Ophelia” is a dreamy song that automatically makes you want to sway with its chimes and breathy tones.

“Compass” shows just how impressive Days’ voice is with her high notes that are lovely and make me wish I could actually sing.

“East of Eden” is probably the most pop on this EP and its beat really instills movement and if I absolutely had to choose a song that was my favorite, like really had to choose, I would likely choose this one. But I’m still not choosing favorites.


Link to Zella’s EP on iTunes:

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