Boyhood Movie Review

So this was released in the summer (July 11th to be exact) but I’m a lazy soul when it comes to movies and have just now seen this magnificent work. For anyone who has heard the hype about this movie in particular and is all why should I care about a movie whose title sounds like a prepubescent male private area (I’m sure somebody thought this, laugh I’m trying to be funny) let me tell you why this movie is so important. It took twelve years to finish. In those twelve years I have learned to drive, speak publicly, long divide, write poetry, and have played and quit like five sports.

Now, the reasoning for those twelve years of filming is because the storyline is centered on a particular six year old boy, Mason (played by Ellar Coltrane), and follows him up until he goes to college. Ellar is twenty in real life and only two years older than myself so as I watched this movie I saw the things his character went through as well as the things his character did, play GameBoy and freak out over Harry Potter and contemplate life’s greatest mysteries, and could totally and completely relate. That’s what is so beautiful about this movie, we remember our own growing up as we watch Mason grow up. We feel for him, want to help him, get angry at him but overall respect his character because Mason is an all around likable guy.

Also the sheer fact that audience members get to watch not only Ellar Coltrane grow up but the actors and actresses that play integral roles in the movie as well is simply a joy to watch. This wholly and truly blows my mind that such love and dedication was put into making this and it made me emotionally invested even before the movie theater darkened. And on top of the fact that the concept is amazing, the storyline of trial and tribulation through years of life is wonderful to watch. Its real, its relatable, it happens to so many people every day and has happened to people in the past and things in this movie will continue happening because it’s life and for once I feel like a movie has captured that life is funny and unfair and ridiculously hard but also a breeze.

Needless to say I fangirled the entire movie, slapping my friends arm when a great part came up. Which was the entire movie. And also Ellar is a nice looking lad and Lorelei Linklater who plays Ellar’s on screen sister is so sassy it reminds me of a six year old me.

Must see movie. In all seriousness go buy it. Now. Go. Go now. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever forget this movie.


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