Thirsty Thursday: Triangl Swimsuit

If it’s basic to want a Triangl bathing suit then please sign me up.

Made out of neoprene, the same material wet suits are made out of, these bathing suits apparently make the bum and chest look absolutely phenomenal. And I would just love for my bum and chest to look absolutely phenomenal, who wouldn’t? Yes, the price is worth around seven Chipotle burrito bowls (which c’mon who doest want to inhale some heaven sent southwest flavors) but sometimes sacrifice is necessary in times of material want.

This is the specific suit I am craving to own:

And might I add royal blue is definitely my color. Or I’m guessing as much.

The following are links to YouTubers who have reviewed the swimsuits in case you aren’t sold (which you should be because phenomenal bum). (ends at 5:02) (review ends at 6:30)

Please by alls means do what you please but my mom has always said that with big purchases I should wait a year and if I still want it I should buy it and alas the year is over, its been over, and I can’t wait to deplete my bank account in exchange for one of these babies. Plus it comes with a handy bag to tote around so you can act like a beach goddess.

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