Incredible Things To Do When You Just Don’t Know What To Do

I think we all get stuck in a rut every once in a while and subsequently fall into a soupy pool of self pity because we just don’t know what to do with ourselves.

“I’m too tired. I don’t live anywhere that I can do fun things. I don’t have anyone to do things with. I’m bored doing the same stuff.”

Well I’m here to advise a little bit on how I personally deal with this. Now, I originally didn’t want to have personal advice on this blog but I have a helpful nature and even if no one wants my advice I’m still going to give it.

#1: Music to the Extreme. Find the raddest, most obnoxiously beat filled album and play that on repeat. Loud. Why you may ask? Because music is medicine. Even if you don’t listen to it regularly it’s the simplicity in listening to something created by another human being. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make music yourself. Or not, we aren’t all Mozarts or Lady Gaga’s.

#2: Write. It. Down. Writing is an absolutely wondrous thing to do. I don’t care if you don’t believe in your words or your ability as a writer because I believe that everyone has the skills to do so. Write down your thoughts, write down observations, create new worlds, better the one you’re already living in, write a letter to a friend even if they live next door, just write down words. Then reread them. The rereading is the best part I promise.

#4: Coloring Books: Self explanatory. Fun for when you’re tired of TV and the internet. Always a crowd pleaser. Doesn’t cost more than five dollars for supplies.

#3: Do. If you’re totally unhappy with where you live but you don’t think you can do anything about it then let me tell you something. You can, you should. Now I personally don’t love my hometown. Too small, too rural, not enough action, I don’t find commonalities with most of the people that live there and sometimes I can say the same for the college that I’m attending. But here’s the big secret that people don’t tell you about. No one can magically sweep you away to where you want to go, it’s all you and all the work and time you put into it. If you want to move do the research, work your tush off to earn enough to do so. If you want friends more like you join a local club or association that interests you. You’re the only person who holds you back.

#4: Dream. Plenty of people won’t agree with this one. Wishful thinking can be dangerous because it can cause people to feel unsatisfactory about their lives but sometimes that’s the best part. Dream for better and then back to #3 if you really want it you’ll make it happen. Plus day dreaming about a cute boy and envisioning a possible relationship with him is a totally appropriate pastime so long as you don’t do anything creepy to him in real life. Just basic life advice for you there.

#5: Talk to someone. You could literally hate the person you talk to but then you’ll have a fun story to reminisce on. That or you could make a new friend and new friends are good for picking you up food when they’re out. Winners all around.

#6: Get up and go. Get in your car or get in a friend car and go. Google cool spots and go or go out late for a greasy cardiac arrest inducing burger because its midnight and that’s a fun thing to do. Go hiking, shopping, find a poetry reading, show up to a free concert, ride a horse, lay in a field and try not to cringe over bugs, hold a bug, play board games with people you haven’t talked to in ages, go on a run, sign up for a marathon even if you don’t think you’ll actually do it, treat yourself, reinvent yourself, be yourself.

Life isn’t always the most fun, candy coated thing to partake in but I personally think it’s worth it. Being content is a beautiful thing but adding some spice, some fun whether it be large or small scale is necessary for memories even if you don’t share it with anyone but yourself. Find your niche, work on it, slave over it whether it be a cake or a book or your ability to skateboard. Master something, obsess over something, it’s all okay.

Self pity parties are fun for a couple hours but no one can make you happy except for yourself and no one can bring you out from a rut besides yourself so do incredible things when you just don’t know what to do. Your goals are valid and are worth trying even if they end in a firestorm because who knows maybe someone somewhere is willing to help you turn your firestorm into something productive.

Here are some links regarding #3 and the Do. that I want the most which is to travel. Good luck, I hope you can Do. whatever it is you want in life. (and this lovely lady has inspired me so much to make my dreams of travel come true so check her blog out)

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